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A Round Peg In A Square Hole.

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Hello, I’m Satoshi Nakamoto, A round peg in a square hole.

VISION: I am a firm believer of the promise of Blockchain and believe that future of Blockchain has been compromised. I have a vision of an interconnected world, powered by Blockchain Technologies.

My Vision
Blockchain Operating System

BSNR is the most powerful Blockchain framework this world has ever seen with envisioning as a highly efficient and customizable AI capable OS that will become the “default OS” for Blockchain for personal (OS/Social Media), business (ERP) and enterprise level.

Electronic Cash Systems

Revising electronic cash frameworks and bringing those back to innovation. The cutting edge payment frameworks to offer new capacities and functionalities to developers and end clients.

Blockchain Applications

Potential to disrupt atleast 42 business verticals. Strating from ERP, AI, Healthcare, Robbotics, Financial Institutions, Supply chain, Land records etc.

Mobile Technologies for Blockchain

Linking mobile tech to the Blockchain Operating System will revolutionize the way Apps will store data yet provide essential personal data privacy.

My Story
The Story of My Second Coming
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